1.Principle: we provide 2 years of warranty for all cables supplied, and guarantee 20-years good performance for cables under designed working conditions.

2.Service Objective

We focus on our customers and provide sincere service for them. Customer satisfaction is the premise of all our operations.

3.Service Commitment

3.1 Pre-sale service

3.1.1 If necessary, we will assist customers who are not familiar with the product to choose the most suitable products with correct specifications and models.

3.1.2 We will warmly welcome the visit of customers, and quickly deal with customers’ incoming call, telegram, fax and other enquiries.

3.1.3 We offer free courses at our headquarters on basic knowledge of cables, and help train wire and cable specialists.

3.2 In-sale Service

3.2.1 We organize production strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and relevant national standards, to guarantee the quality and quantity, as well as punctual delivery at the appointed place.

3.2.2 If required by customer, our company will offer training on the knowledge of cable laying, application, maintenance and so on. We can also send professional technical person on site to guide them for the correct construction.

3.2.3 If early delivery is requested due to customer’s selection of wrong models, insufficient quantity or special circumstances, we will give priority to production out of our concern for the customer, and do our best to meet customer’s requirements.

3.3 After-sales service

3.3.1 The company implements after-sales service system within 12 hours (site service for domestic sales, online service for oversea sales). After we receive the customer’s request to provide after-sales service, our marketing service personnel will make it to the customer's site within 12 hours and provide services (within one week if on-site assistance is required for oversea clients).

3.3.2 If the product is damaged, or have quality problems and shortages before the inspection, we will take all the responsibility for this.

3.3.3 During the warranty period, if the presence or occurrence of quality problems is indeed our responsibility confirmed by both parties, we will be responsible for properly handling, and commit service in place within 12 hours in general. While confronted with special circumstances, we will discuss with customers, and undertake reasonable cost.

3.3.4 If quality problems are caused by customer’s responsibility confirmed by both parties, the company will also actively help solve the problem, and do our best meet the customer's requirements.

3.3.5 If changes in design, specifications, type and quantity are requested by the customer, the company will also respond positively to meet customer’s requirements; if the products exceed the actual needs or the original orderd products can not continue to be used due to design changes, we will actively cooperate with the customer to do rehabilitation work to reduce the burden on the customer.

3.3.6 During the installation and application process, if the customers need technical guidance, we will promptly send professional and technical personnel to provide services free of charge to meet user requirements.

3.3.7 The company has established customer records for regular visit and contact by letter and telephone consulting their comments and suggestions. We will do the statistics and analysis based on customer’s suggestions and comments on quality. We will also constantly improve the enterprise management level, further improve the quality of products and marketing services, and pursue perfection to meet customers’ needs.




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